Eduxr, an 19-year-old emerging young talent from Florida, has dedicated his time to his aspiration for the past four years, and his efforts have not gone in vain. After gaining success from his latest releases, “Night Owl” and “LMOB”, he is currently on another quest to let his music be heard with his upcoming album, “Dejected”.

He has gained the attention of many in numerous well-known music platforms for individual artists such as Shade 45 and in stages in Soundbar and Miami Live, but those didn’t stop him from dreaming bigger. Even after several years of hard work, he still managed to stay positive, and he aims to remain that way until he’s reached his goal. This time, thousands of his supporters are again anticipating his new album release, which will be in December of this year.

Eduxr has put a lot of his emotion into this project. This album was born during quarantine. The album is inspired by heartbreak and trying to find yourself again and become happy. Having an amazing support system of friends has helped to keep Eduxr motivated and consistent. Be sure to mark your calendars for his new album dropping December 31st.

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