Rising artist Trevah just dropped a hot new single titled “Maintain”. Trevah’s sound is a perfect representation of the new age Canadian hip hop sound. His flow and melodic hooks are very catchy while his lyrics speak for his roots from his past. To continue, the Ottawa native has been racking up attention from the music industry in the past 6 months.

Produced by Jd Krazy , Trevah touch’s on the common theme in hip hop doing what it takes to obtain status , power and material success. It’s something millions of people around the world can relate to, and something Trevah witnessed in his community starting at a young age.

“If you listen to the lyrics, it touches on me and my friends going through the struggle and finding a way out through hard work” Trevah explains.

“Maintaining a strong attitude and the proper work ethic you can achieve things you wouldn’t have imagined possible .”

Like most of Trevah’s singles to date, “Maintain”

“It’s more of a up beat song, but nothing too crazy or out of our range. Melodic and strong conviction in each verse” “Mostly, we were just trying to keep it real .”

Along with the his latest singles Trevah is currently preparing for the release of his project which is expected to drop next year.

“Maintain” is available now on Apple Music, Spotify and various other digital streaming platforms.






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