Jordan Reich, Better known as Lucid Draco is an on the rise recording artist from Kenosha, Wisconsin. In 2019 he realized his true love for music. Him and his friend decided to build an in-home studio. Later in 2020 it became a serious passion. Lucid Draco was beginning to produce his own beats and debuted with his first single titled “Love’s Worth”. After that first release he took off from there and continued to grow his brand. Artists such as Lil Peep, Juice Wrld and XXXTENTACION were a huge inspiration and influence on his sound. He resembles all 3 of them in his style and sound. 

Being surrounded by such supportive friends such as 262 K.M.B,YUNGNRECKLESS and Swavo have kept him grounded. Lucid Draco is a quiet and humble individual whose music speaks volume. Right now he is working on a collaborative E.P with an artist named “Frostllen” called “When The Sun Goes Down”. As he stays consistent Lucid Draco continues to establish a bigger name for himself. It won’t be long before his music is known worldwide. 


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