Christopher Encarnacion, Better known as Chronic E is an on the rise recording artist born and raised in Washington Heights, NYC. He has since moved to Rhode Island, But New York will always run through his veins. In 2015 Chronic E started developing his true passion for music. As the years have gone by progression and growth has been his main focus. Chronic E conveys a very versatile aura around his musical content. His music reaches all walks of life since his sound is not confined to one specific vibe.

Over the years he has had the chance to see much success at such an early start in his career. Big music pioneers such as Redman and Busta Rhymes have even reached out noticing his talents. Chronic E believes in staying consistent, and has even dropped a song every week for 17 weeks in a row summer 2020 .He has also been performing around different states showing his stage presence in major cities.  Currently he is focusing on creating a few visuals to compliment a few of his prior releases. He is also locking in some features to collaborate with for newer projects. His music is impeccable, it’s a known fact that Chronic E will soon become a household name.

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