Shannon Dill, Better known as DaphoDILL is an on the rise recording artist from Hattiesburg, MS. She specializes in Hip Hop and rap. Music has always been part of her life since a very young age. She started out with poetry. Poetry helped her to vent and express herself while she was dealing with depression. Eventually her poetry turned into songs. She began to take Guitar and Drum lessons to enhance her musical skills and also started to learn the art of creating beats.

Her name DaphoDILL came about due to her love of flowers. Daffodils are the first flower to bloom during the spring representing new beginnings. Think of having how flowers grow fork this tiny little seed. They get withered and weathered by the storm and create these storms that form them on their growth and blossom into something so beautiful. She has released a few singles featuring Zaytoven “All Facts”, “G.A.B”, “HIGH”, “Misplaced A Misses” and “I’m Rolling Jimmy”. These releases led up to the release of her debut album titled “Anomalous”. Her music is unique. It expresses emotions while also making any listener want to get up and dance. Her musical influences come from true pioneers such as Missy Elliot, Nicki Minaj, Juice WRLD and Lauryn Hill. The way they are complex yet simple, but dynamic is what captures DaphoDILL’s interest. Make sure to check out her recent releases and also purchase her book “Colors of Blue Shades of Black” now available at Barnes & Noble.

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