Earnest Wilson better known by his stage name SPVC3MVN is an on the rise American recording artist from Oakland, CA. His passion for music has been around for as long as he can remember. Music was the best way for him to express his feelings and leave it all on the track. He attended CCC to studio creating in-home studios and the piano eventually leaving to SAE to study Audio Engineering. Learning how to engineer his own content made things a little but easier.

His music has a very atmospheric/melodic vibe. His content draws all types of listeners in since his music is fun and vibrant. His name definitely is a pure reflection of who he is. The sound he creates is like no other. SPVC3MVN seems to have a complete sound of his own that is truly amazing to hear. He stands out from the crowd. Be sure tp check out his latest releases on all streaming platforms. Stay tuned for new content !


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