The thing that stands out to most people when they first hear Chan-T’s album Love And Other Drugs is his voice. Not the sound of it but the feel. When he is singing about the love of his life you feel it in the words that he is singing. Just as you feel it when he is singing about love you feel the pain and honesty in the songs about heartbreak. “This album is a journey for me. I had to get out everything that I was feeling from past and present relationships”. If that is his goal it is a job well done. His music reminds you of what R&B is supposed to be. When he opens up he reveals all of it.

The vulnerability that is shown in this album is hard to find in today’s R&B. One listen to this album and you would truly know what his journey has been like in love and relationships. “I just want people who have been through what I’ve been through to know that it’s okay to feel it. That’s the way we get through it”. You can hear his Darlington South Carolina roots blending with his Atlanta experiences. “Opening yourself up to the masses is not an easy thing especially not for men. But I realized I could not heal unless I was completely honest with myself”. But this album isn’t just about the bad times there are great songs that talks about the good times as well. If music is truly one of the things that connects us all then this album should be the soundtrack of the fraternity of love and heartbreak. This is Chan-T’s first full album but I got a feeling we’re going to be hearing a lot more from him. So give his album Love And Other Drugs a listen and see where the journey takes you.

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