Jordyn Haines, better known as Jordyn Alexis or ‘jjordynalexiss’ is a quickly rising runway and high fashion model, a content creator who jump-started her career in late 2020 but started gaining more traction not only in the modeling industry itself but through social media as well during early 2021. 

Born in North Carolina but Michigan raised, Jordyn grew up traveling from city to city with her parents and two sisters. She naturally encountered and met dozens of people on a daily basis, getting ahead on her networking before she even realized she was doing it. Making friends and building interpersonal relationships was something of a struggle during the vast majority of her life, but despite this fact, the people around her gravitated towards her when in need or distressed. Whether it was helping a little girl at lunch who was too anxious to eat or help a friend find a sustainable path out of a dark situation, helping people always came instinctively for her.

Photo taken by: paddy fineran

In her early life, Jordyn always dreamed about being a vast plethora of different things, from an entomologist to an obstetrician, she always aspired high. Her mom had tried to get her into modeling from a young age but something about her nature wouldn’t let it click, she was too adventurous for something that seemed so concrete. Throughout her adolescence, she experimented with acting as one of her favorite school subjects, four years she consistently took theatre and drama classes, but after graduating her social platforms still grew and gained momentum at an even rate, and meeting different influencers and creators in similar industries gave her the push she needed to not only exercise her voice but train it too. 

Officially starting in December of 2020 she did her first studio photoshoot, the experience in itself almost put her off completely, but with her drive and aspirations almost being too much she knew she needed to do something more, and she wasn’t willing to give it up. She started building her digital portfolio over the course of a few months, she did this with both professional and platonic photographers alike, by early 2021 her physical relationship in the industry had grown masses, all while building a network of thousands of people and hundreds of collaborative connections. 

In late June of this year, Jordyn attended a creative event hosted by Evie McNeill’s ‘Unplugged Artistic Event Planning and Studios,’ at the old Joliet Correctional Center in Joliet Illinois, where the movie ‘The Blues Brothers’ was filmed and directed by John Landis. 

“My first surreal and eye-opening encounter with just how exotic and enthralling the environment could be. I watched a woman walk past me covered head to toe in zombie makeup – presumably for one of her photoshoots – and thought to myself, ‘I bet this is what people saw on the set of ‘The Walking Dead” and that made me realize just how comfortable and at ease I felt in this element.” 

She said about her experience. Having no expectations of anything to come from this, simply there to get pictures she felt spoke not just to her but to the people that would see them, she was shocked when one of her recurring photographers, Paddy Finneran, reached out to her to tell her he had submitted some of her photos for a magazine. She didn’t hold out on the publication going through, trying to keep her prospects more realistic for somebody who had just barely dipped their toes into the career. Having later received an email from the magazine itself, The Meraki Authentic Tribe Magazine, she was astounded to see that there she had it, tear sheets, promotion photos, even links to the website where you could buy the magazine. At first, she didn’t even know how to share this with the people in her life, to tell them that she was suddenly published, no less as a model would sound like a joke. Regardless, she shared the news on her social media platforms, expressing gratitude and joy for this occasion.

Hard-working and driven this publication fueled her encouragement to build on what she’d already started, planning life in-depth for the months to come traveling and helping the people she comes across, learning about the things that live and work around her are her biggest objectives. Planning to move out to Los Angeles with a friend and fellow creator Jonathan (roarjmackay) McKay, her biggest upcoming projects includes the up and running of not only her personal lifestyle youtube channel but an in-depth podcast called ‘Somewhere In Wonderland (with jordyn alexis)’ revolving around anything as simple as day to day life, to something as deep as the deconstruction and re-evolution of the human ego. Her short time so far in this industry has already taught her plenty, one of her closest lessons being, 

“Not everything is permanent. Everything is constantly changing, around us and within us, so our best bet at not surviving, but thriving, is in being content with the things that aren’t made for us, and always embrace those that are.” 

This was something she struggled with throughout her early life, constantly watching things leave or die at a rate that would be even too fast for some adults, she was forced to learn this, but it wasn’t till adulthood, living within the changes she’s made to her life in such a short amount of time, that she actually fell content with that never-ending change. Overall, Jordyn Alexis, of the jjordynalexiss brand is more than excited to share with us what else is coming up, and where she’s planning to go next. 

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