Tahjee Robinson is THE HOTTEST new singer coming out of New Jersey! Jump starting his career in 2020 with his first EP ‘Words From My Heart’, Robinson started to find his footing in music and the industry. As a new artist, he wanted to introduce himself to the world as someone who can do any genre he wants. From spitting fire bars on his song ‘Confident’, to getting steamy with his lyrics on his song ‘Love Letter’, to delivering beautiful vocals on his emotional ballad ‘Who I Am’, Robinson started his career establishing himself as a force to be reckoned with. With his 2021 EP ‘Mine’ Robinson solidified his signature sound as a mixture of Pop, R&B, and Rap and further proved himself to be one of the greatest, young songwriters to hit the scene. He took the painful heartbreak from his failed relationship and turned it into a beautiful masterpiece that cannot be replicated. In May 2021, Robinson discovered he had a natural talent for producing. Honing this skill quickly, Robinson dropped his fireball of a song ‘You Don’t Know Me’ in August 2021, which became his fastest growing song to date. With a wide vocal range, brilliant lyrics, and a diverse catalog, Tahjee Robinson is an artist you absolutely DO NOT want to miss out on! NO ONE does it like him, he has a long and successful music career ahead of him.

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