Located in the Tampa Bay area, S.Burley is a hip hop Emcee and producer who provides a classic rap sound on modern life issues. His new single “Road To Riches”, is a catchy and high energy track tailor made for young motivated entrepreneurs seeking knowledge and financial literacy. This highly anticipated track releases on all music platforms Sept. 24th, soon after, the music video will be released in preparation for his upcoming album ‘’High Frequency’’. 

S.Burley shows the talent he possess for doing more than most artists making party music by displaying the combination of having a strong message, lyrics, and vocal performance. Subscribe to his youtube channel and his Exclusive Playlist on his website at sburley.com/sburleymusicplaylist. S.Burley is here to speak to the people and create positive change.

Connect with S.Burley

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjIdJk8hvaMsQ3j44C9Qy3A/videos

Website: sburley.com


Instagram: instagram.com/sburleytbjr

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