Mystere Jones is an Businessman, Mogul, Talent Scout and is the founder of Mystere Vision. He started out in the music industry as an Artist and Producer. As time progressed he began to manage artists and models. Mystere Jone has worked with artists such as Curly Savv and Dah Dah achieving millions of views and streams. He has also received his first song placement in the first Purge film released in 2018. These were huge accomplishments for him and the brand. Not only has he seen much success with his artists already, but also his models. Several of the brands models have secured collaborative deals with clothing brands such as Fashion Nova, Pretty Little Thing, Boo Hoo and Curvy Sense just to name a few.

The label is expanding each day at a time. Mystere Vision soon will have a docu series and soundtrack underway. The soundtrack will be titled “Sky Writing About The Everyday Functions Of Mystere Vision and MJ Curve“. This soundtrack is set to release in the coming year. Currently the label is also focused on on Nol Jones, Papa Rich and Malay’s project for this year, but they are also heavily focused on Lil Pocono. He has a single our called “Baby” and a few other singles plus visuals with Papa Rich. The label as a whole are on a mission. Everyone is putting in hard work and dedication. Dedication is important. You have to stay focused and dedicated each day to conquer your goals and that is exactly what Mystere Vision has been doing. They are a powerhouse.

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