Dwayne Kirkland Jr better known by his artist name D Kirk Kv is an on the rise recording artist from Philadelphia, PA. He was always into music as he used to perform at school functions, plays and local events. He branched out more with his talent when he attended college at Kutztown University in 2012. Dwayne has been working on his craft and brand for sometime now and has been doing an amazing job expanding his name. His first ever debut album “Oceans” was released on January 31st, 2020. “She’s a Vibe” from the album went #1 in several states and countries! It was a monumental success. Since a young age Dwayne has been in love with music and continues to love music even more in his adult years.

His father was a major inspiration as he was a musical enthusiast himself. This year has been all about momentum and consistency. Recently Dwayne joined Dark Magazine for an interview describing his sound and vibe. His music is a complete mixture of R&B, Hip Hop and a dash of Dancehall. He has also been featured in Soul Riffic Magazine ! D Kirk is sensational and makes music that will last. He makes hits ! Although an amazing artist, he is also an astonishing entrepreneur. Currently he is working on creating his clothing line D&J Clothing. Currently he is working pushing several projects including his new single “Never” Featuring Kawelo and lastly prepping for a virtual concert set to take place this September.

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