Neringa, a famous Lithuanian singer, is so excited to present her new single “ECHO” produced by Andrew Furze, Australian producer, getting well known is Los Anegeles. 

“It was the most challenging years in my career, having to work and produce new work during pandemic” says Neringa.

The song was written by Andrew Furze, well known Australian producer who is based in Los Angeles.  The talented team of Dale Anthoni, Casey Cook, Andrew Furze, King Elle Noir ( used to be known as Arielle Macarthur)  and Neringa were developing the song more than 2 years.  “ It was a long process, especially according to circumstances and being in pandemic was not easy, but I am so happy to show what we have been working on for so long” says Neringa. 

Neringa and Andrew Furze met in Los Angeles. They were introduced by common friend and their vision of music clicked right away. Andrew really understood Neringa very well, as they both moved from other countries to build their careers in United states. It was a bonding moment. This was very important, because writing music together is important to connect emotionally. “ It was there. I could complete her thoughts and put it in lyrics” – said Andrew. It was important to team up with the right writters, that was his task.

“It was a great luck to meet Andrew Furze,”saidNeringa.  Andrew  is a musician and producer with over twenty years experience in the music and television industries. He is well known in Australia, such as songwriter, producer, arranger, vocalist and instrumentalist. His first band, Girls Friday, was signed to Standart Records when he was 19. He toured stadiums nationally as Music director of Emmanuel Carella on Christina Aguileras“ Stripped “ tour. In 2005 Andrew was hired as Performance producer on Australia’s “ Aria Awards”. Working closely with artist, managers, labels and the network. His next project “The Inches” were an instant hit on the radio, ultimately signing to Sony after just 5 shows. After such a success Andrew Furze move to United states to continue his career and now working with local talented people such as NeringaSiaudikyte.

Neringa is a celebrated Lithuanian singer. She started her music career when she was 18 years old. Her career took off after participating in The Voice of Lithuania. After a musical career in Lithuania that spanned over a decade, she made the decision to launch her career internationally and moved to Los Angeles where she worked on a new album with a local producers. “My goal was to create a new sound and new me, to work with the most talented producers and to create something incredible,” said Neringa. Now she is working on another new single that will be released before summer. The song will be perfect for beach parties and vacations.  Stay tuned!

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