Nephew KEN has been a creator for years, but seeks to change the world through his newest release. The homeless numbers are continually rising and it is quite shocking. Recently Nephew KEN has released a new visual capitalizing on this epidemic. We hear about how the United States supports other countries, but what about our own civilians. In his recent video its titled “Poverty” featuring Kingston The Barber. This video is to bring awareness. In Southern California the U.S has one of the largest homeless encampments called “Skid Row”. It is almost like we have a third world country right in our backyard. The homeless does not stop there. Kensington in Philadelphia is spreading like wildfire and is the reason for a lot of drugs. This is something that we all are just brushing under the rug. Nephew KEN actually had a rough patch in his life where he was living in his vehicle and staying at many different locations. This went on for a while until he moved to Arizona. This video is to help others learn more about the struggles that surround us in our own country.

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