Aryan Goel better known as Kayze is an on the rise recording artist who has grown up in India a majority of his life. Growing up he has always enjoyed listening to music. In school he was teased for singing which did not help his self esteem at the time. When Kayze turned 18 he moved to the United States for his undergraduate studies at Arizona State University. Being in America inspired him and did nothing, but intensify his love for music.

Living in America he saw that a lot of individuals sought to live out their dreams. While in college Kayze decide to learn to produce music so that he could sing and rap on his own productions. As he started to create more he started to attend music related events. These social functions helped him to connect with like minded individuals and formulate new connections. Kayze has had an amazing experience working with other students at Arizona State such as Natural Culture, Chris J Bo, Lalo Gee, MeeksTooSaucy and Gylfi. Collaborating with these individuals has helped him push his content to a higher level which eventually led to the success of his latest release “Bright Lights”. This song has now seen well over 35,000 streams on Spotify. All in all he has an accumulative of over 178,000 streams on Spotify for his releases.

Although this is very exciting the grind never ends. He has gotten even better which has resulted in more opportunities. He had the chance to perform at Arizona State University several times and has performed in Battle Of The Bands and Fauxchella. Kayze has also performed at many festivals and bars doing whatever it takes to expand his audience. Kayze is a humble music mastermind who appreciates where he comes from. He wishes to inspire all who listen and encourages all to follow their passion.

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