Kristopher Osborne better known by his artist name Kris Bourne is an on the rise musical prodigy from San Bernadino, California. Kris Bourne is a versatile artist who works in a variety of musical professions. He works as a Producer, Composer, Singer and Songwriter. Bourne sticks to creating music that is heartfelt and does not choose to conform to the latest trends of music within the industry. He creates his own style.

In his younger days Bourne was part of a R&B group entitled Nephew. The group did not last as Bourne started his solo career at the age of 19 and debuted his first ever single titled “Ready”. Since being a solo artist he has surpassed 100,000 streams on his musical platforms. He has also shot and directed his first video, and has also reached a catalog of over 742 songs written which is a huge milestone for any songwriter.

Bourne is a pioneer and makes powerful songs that deliver a powerful and true message to listeners. This coming year he plans on creating a new album and expanding his brand. He states “Always stay true to yourself, never get comfortable, dominate my own lane, always continue to
refine and work on my craft. Believe… and let my actions correlate with my belief. Surround myself with people more experienced, and more talent then myself, so that I grow and evolve


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