Moy Canales is an on the rise musician from Houston, Texas. He fell in love with music at a very young age. He is the youngest of 3 brothers so his musical influence came from his siblings. He enjoyed listening to Hip Hop artists such as Eazy E, Juvenile and also many other local rappers. At the age of 14 Moy was inspired to create music and joined a group called Asylum Of Poets. Being part of the group assisted Moy with finding his sound as well as being introduced to the music lifestyle. As time passed the group came to an end, but music was still Moy’s passion and had became his focus.

As Moy kept working on his craft his name started to become known throughout the area. This recognition pushed him to be more and to also start his own brand with his close friend called “NewSouth”. Moy has been grinding for years. He has been on tours and has really made it a priority to gain a bigger following. He wants to inspire people with his music and wants to be an artist others can relate to. In this career he has learned you have to invest in yourself and continue to network with likeminded individuals who have the same vision as you do.

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