Kaboom Holy is a ten-plus independent rapper who has dominated the underground North Carolina and South Carolina hip hop scene for years. With his latest music videos garnering hundreds of thousands of views the artist has recently seen more exposure on FM radio, but it took a lot to get there.

The artist, Antarrios Flythe AKA Kaboom Holy used to have dreams of being a professional skateboarder and graphic novelist. At the age of 13, he was introduced to beat making and at 15 he made his first official rap song titled “No Mans Land.” From the ages of 17 to 24, Kaboom would often find himself in legal troubles due to multiple arrests for violent crimes that eventually lead to the artist being federally indicted. During those troubling times, Kaboom still had to overcome a mental illness which drove him to develop the determination to make things better for his future. 

Today, the artist is an entrepreneur who has multiple businesses and generated a mass following from his main passion of making music.

Amassing many video views has led to the artist being picked up on radio in the Southern regions. With thousands of digital and FM radio spins, the rapper is shocking the airwaves with his distinct sound. Kaboom Holy has had his records picked up by many radio stations across North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and more states even when a few stations said his music was too aggressive for radio. In fact, a listener had called into a local radio station to question one of the lyrics in his record “Smack Em.” The music has attracted raving fans that say listen to Kaboom’s music when they work out, throw parties, or want to break things! 

Kaboom has had consistent momentum throughout his music career and has a label called XXVI-CMX The Label, which is pronounced TWENTY SIX NINE TEN. He founded the label in 2018 with a roster that includes the rapper Money 2x. The song “Bullet Holes and O’s” had generated the label’s early buzz and more recently, their song “Smack Em” created hype with over 100k views and 400+ comments from engaged viewers. We are sure there are big things to come in the near future from Kaboom, his label XXVI-CMX and their executive production exclusively handled by “They A.V.E. Production Company.”

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