New to the music industry and only just nineteen years young and in college is Dai Aundré Minor but better known as DreVirgo. He is an artist ready to conquer all aspects of his music career. With the support of his friends and family he will be taking off real fast. DreVirgo loves music and he wants that artist/actor lifestyle. He has visions of traveling the world and just playing a big part in the music industry. 

His brothers, sisters and his mother (who is no longer in DreVirgo’s life May she Rest In Peace) are the biggest motivators for him and the reason he just does anything. He wants to be remembered through generations and leave a legacy through his family. He also wants to make a great change in our cycle. There is just so much he can be proud of in his life. He is truly the definition of a go getter. DreVirgo is not easily tempted and he will not let anyone take advantage of him. This up coming artist has a strong mind and a golden heart. As a regular everyday individual he is just a chill, cool, go with the flow kind of guy. 

Go follow DreVirgo on all social media and check out what he has in store. He is currently working on an ep called “It Was Fun While it Lasted” he will also be collaborating with Novakk the Producer. This ep will consist of at least six to seven songs. Watch out for DreVirgo for he is just getting started! 

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