Gabriel Comfort better known by her stage name Bonni3 is not only an artist, but also an entrepreneur. Bonni3 has successfully been running a business since 2014. Her business has been solely based on reselling. She states “If you do not have much money to start a business and you refuse to work a 9-5, reselling is an amazing option.” Her business focuses towards helping brands with their publicity. Something that is highly popular due to the fact so many individuals seek verification on platforms and being notable is a major requirement. During quarantine she was able to double her earnings and create new strategies to enhance her social selling skills.

Bonni3 says “Quarantine should have helped entrepreneurs buckle down and conquer new goals. If you were not a physical business outside it should have benefited you or you just were not taking advantage of the opportunity.” Bonni3 not only reached new heights as far as her earnings with Christian Nicole Promotions, but she also took advantage of selling platforms such as EBay and Offer Up to flip items that are most shopped for. Ebay has been allowing people to sell items for free no sign up fee. Why not take advantage of platforms such as these. Bonni3 has always been known as a go-getter. She does not stop finding new methods or ways to generate more income. Back in 2013 people laughed and ridiculed her for starting an online business and base it only on services. Now everything is online. People are starting to go out less. This generation is ONLINE based. She will be continuing to grow her business as well as her musical ventures. If you are interested in learning more about how to grow your online traffic, pr services etc book a consultation with her below.

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