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Royell Vuitton: Is Manifesting His Own Success

Kevin Talley better known by his artist name Royell Vuitton is an on the rise musical artist. He started rapping at the age of only 7. He started taking music seriously when he was 15 years old. Royell has been finding himself spiritually and getting in tune with the universe which is helping him to manifest his goals quicker. He speaks about being patience and believing in divine timing for everything. This artist has a new project you can now pre save called “Only Human 3”. You can also check out his project “Only Human 2” out now. His content speaks for itself. He is very talented and will stop at nothing to reach the top this year. Make sure you follow his journey and pre save his latest project before it drops.

Sister Stone and Rodrigo Gallardo come together for new single “Relations”

Sister Stone is a versatile recording artist who combines her own perceptions and ideologies within her musical sound. Higher awareness and consciousness is essential within her creating process. Recently she has teamed up with Chilean artist, Rodrigo Gallardo. Rodrigo combines a fusion of traditional South American Indigenous Andean music with EDM. Sister Stone Facilitates an amazing delivery of R&B & Hip Hop vocals with lyrics that send musical medicine to all listeners. These artists have an astonishing mission behind their music. Both artists balance both the masculine and feminine energies throughout their emotions when creating music. They believe that the two auras dance in harmony with one another.

Although both Sister Stone and Rodrigo Gallardo enjoy the creating process of music, they really enjoy the healing factor that music seems to have on all audiences. Their single gets everyone up out of their seats and dancing almost immediately. The song puts listeners into a trance and pure gratificational state. The audience will almost feel an out of body experience as they connect more with their own spirits and become one with the Earth. Sister Stone is set out to provide a leadership role and assist individuals with their relationship with the planet. Her music is transcending. She channels the sound of musical pioneers such as Erykah Badu, Lauryn Hill and Mary J Blige. 

Although focused on music both of these artists have a greater mission in mind. For their single they have teamed up with Budi Anumka and Maple Microdevelopment.  Budi Anumka and Maple Microdevelopment have a plan to revitalize the world culturally and ecologically within the indigenous Mapuche Peoples of Chile. They seek to bring them better research, education and ancestral knowledge through this mission. Sister Stone and Rodrigo Gallardo have made bettering the world on top of their priority lists. Through sound and vibrations they can heal spirits and bring peace to others one song at a time.

Buy “Relations” by Sister Stone and Rodrigo Gallardo here now

Big King Reco: East Atlanta Zone 6 Has Another Amazing Talent On The Rise

Reco Davis, better known by his stage name Big King Reco the artist is an on the rise recording artist from Atlanta, Georgia. East Atlanta Zone 6 to be exact. This area in Atlanta is known for a ton of emerging talent. Big King Reco is an artist who has a Dirty South vibe to his sound. His musical inspiration comes from some of the industry greats such as Otis Redding, James Brown, Ray Charles, Michael Jackson and Ceelo Green. He loves the new trap soul sound and blends it now with his dirty south sound to create a new school vibe.

Big King Reco decided not too long ago to go all in with music and follow his dreams. After hearing someone say “They’d rather die with memories than dreams.” that really resonated with him. Watching various individuals create music and put out their own personal projects gave him the confidence he needed to start creating his own music and finding his own audience. Right now he is focused on his current debut single “Thug Love” and is focused on gaining as much exposure on this track as possible. Big King Reco is definitely a force to be reckoned with. His aura is like a new age Frank Sinatra. He creates music that can be listened to as decades pass. Make sure you check out his latest content and stay tuned for his new releases.

LilSnipe: Has Music That Will Last For Generations To Come

LilSnipe is an on the rise artist from California. He started his musical career back in 2009 with a few of his friends from his neighborhood. They started a group called the “Young Hyeenas”. One of his close friends Bigg Tiny is still partnered with LilSnipe today. LilSnipe has been grinding for a while and has seen much success already. He has opened up for major artist such as Twister and E40 and he has also worked with some amazing talent such as Kokan, Jay O Felony and Mac Shawn. Currently Lil Snipe is being produced by platinum producer Twy Exclusive of Gwap Music. His music gets better with each new record.

However he has just released 3 new singles “Run It Up. Fucc U Mean and Be Loyal” that he is focused on marketing. These records are currently heating up the streets. He also has a new single dropping soon called “Club Poppin” and a feature singled titled “Nothing In Common”. While working on a ton of new singles the grind never ends. He is also focused on completing an E.P which is still in the works. LilSnipe is a veteran entrepreneur who has chosen music to show this generation and other generations that you can achieve anything you set your mind to. With dedication and hard working anything is possible.

DaKidRiz: Is On The Way To The Top As He Keeps Progressing At A Fast Pace

 is an artist who comes from the Canton, Ohio area. He first appeared on the rap scene in 2014 with his first song release titled “Ohio” that he dropped on Soundcloud. This artist is highly underrated. His first debut single that catapulted his career was called “I Aint Got No Choice” which was released in 2015. Since then this artist has not been letting up. He will stop at absolutely nothing to see his music become a successful venture for him. He not only wants to make more money for himself and his family, but also his community. He is dedicated to his craft and knows what it takes to get where he wants. He is currently managed by Adam Cole. Adam Cole is an on-air producer who holds a ton of experience and expertise under his belt. Teaming up with DaKidRiz will help both brands move swiftly throughout the industry. DaKidRiz is making some power moves with the help of his team producers Sono Beats,Feezie Production, imFurious, Willie, J2Smooth, & TrapCafe.

DaKidRiz is putting in some major work breaking barriers with each business venture. He is currently under project management with Dj ESudd who is also 2 Chainz official DJ. DaKidRiz also has his song “UP1” being spun all around the Atlanta, Georgia area as well as on air in New Jersey, Arizona and Tennessee. His music is picking up very quickly. Everyone enjoys his content ! Dakidriz has been putting in work for a while now and is finally getting the notoriety his brand deserves. This year his focus is solely on expanding his brand’s credibility and growth. On his personal website you can find his latest releases, photos,important dates and merchandise. His merchandise includes clothing for men, women and children. His vibrant face logo makes his merch stand out and highly sought after as he uses dope colorways for all of his merch.

DaKidRiz has music that will last a lifetime. He should be on your playlists! His music is amazing and catchy. Make sure you connect with him and follow his journey as his process unfolds. Soon his name will be a household name. You can find all of his music on all major music platforms. His music resonates with all who listen to him. There is just something about his image and personality that hits home. He is relatable and being relatable and kind hearted like he is will make more people love him as his career takes flight.

Michael J Foxx: Has A New Project Underway

Michael Messiah Earl better known as Michael J Foxx is an amazing recording artist from New Brunswick, Canada. Michael is an independent artist who grew very found of the creation process of music at a very young age. He is an independent artist who has an entrepreneurial hustle. Michael is the owner and founder of Just One Mic Recordings INC. His genre is quite eclectic as he blends a crossover of Hip Hop, Pop and Punk.

Michael j Foxx is a go getter. He graduated from NYC with a degree in Audio Engineering and Production. Having this skill has made life easier for him. He is able to record himself and produce his work as well. Since living in Canada Michael has released 5 mixtapes, numerous singles, videos, collabs and music videos. One of his greatest collaborations was with Sydney Sexton when they worked together on an E.P Titled “All Summer.

This August he has a treat for his fans ! His new album “ Year Of The Foxx” is set to drop August 16, 2021. He states “Hard work ! If you want something, you have to go and get it ! Set a goal, achieve it, and repeat the steps. Music is an ongoing process of growth and self expression. Forget being cool… And don’t try and fit in — don’t follow trends — set them. I also think it’s important to remain humble too. I came from humble beginnings so stay grounded and be true to yourself and your roots.”

Wise words from such an amazing artist ! Make you mark your calendars for his new album release date !

CVST: Creates Music For All And Is Becoming A Solid Artist Within The Industry

CVST is an on the rise singer/songwriter hailing from Salt Lake City, Utah. His musical genre is versatile. He creates music based on his current vibe. Growing up he listened to all musical genres. CVST started his musical interest at the age of 13. He started off with poetry and graduated to creating full length songs. Being able to create art is something he is really proud of and each month he progresses even more ! CVST is a mysterious and lowkey individual who makes music for all audiences to enjoy. Make sure you tune into his content and stay tuned for his newest releases.

BOLO3k : Releases A New Street Classic “Northside”

Bolo3k is an on the rise recording artist from North Philadelphia. He has been working on himself as a person for a long time. Bolo3k came to realize music was his calling. Making music has helped him grow more personally and professionally. While dabbling into the music scene, Bolo3k was born. He has recently released a new single titled “Northside”. This song hits close to home. Bolo3k has came from the mud and has made a complete success out of himself. The song talks about his real life. The song tells the story of him growing up in the northside. He has been through a lot ! But loves his city regardless

Take this artist seriously because he takes his craft very seriously. Bolo3k’s piece of advice for anyone pursuing music is, “Keep going and don’t give up” and that’s all this artist has done. He has kept going and he has not given up; he gets closer and closer to achieving his dreams with hard work, never stopping and never giving up. He does really well with his music and Bolo3k definitely takes pride in all his work. He always loved music and working hard. His musical influence is Gucci Mane because he speaks about the streets. If you know Gucci you know his music and the realness in his lyrics which gave that real raw feel to Bolo3k’s sound. His music is nothing but real, raw and inspiring to listen to. 

Azazel: A Marine Veteran That Has Used His Creativity To Battle P.T.S.D

Former Marine Azazel has been turning his life around with music as the forefront.

Azazel is an on the rise musician who holds a ton of accolades already within his musical career. Azazel is a lyricist from New York City who has served the U.S as a former Marine. His musical talent is unmatched. His lyrical delivery is diabolical, clever and raw. After serving in the USMC Azazel embraced music as a creative outlet to help control his P.T.S.D. As he kept dabbling into his creativity he soon found his sound. He began taking his career seriously after the government shutdown caused by COVID-19. Azazel has performed in Austin, Texas at SXSW, has been featured in a Netflix feature film and is on his way to 100,000 streams on Spotify. He is hitting some major milestones and reaching new goals daily. 

Azazel is a role model and a hero to our nation. His musical ability is versatile and is gaining him a new take on life outside of the military. This year he is focused on his collaborative album that will have features from other independent artists and he hopes to perform again at SXSW. He is a humble and inspiring artist. His story is motivational. For anyone striving to follow his career path he states “ Do not take things personal and do not be easily offended.” Wise words from this combat veteran. Azazel has a new video now on YouTube called “Armageddon”. This video shows his raw and gritty lyrical delivery. You can also stream his latest debut E.P “First 2 Fight” now on all digital streaming platforms.

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Dov3: Is Bringing Back The R&B Vibe

Jovon Jones and Darius Tucker better known individually as IceCream and THD are a musical collaboration who go by Dov3. These two artists met while attending Fort Valley State University. They came together and began to create. They both have their own specific sound, but come together and create a powerful R&B vibe. Their album released recently in May and has surpassed 150,0000 streams on all digital platforms. This album includes their popular tracks such as “Overdose”, “Drinks On Me” and “Missing You”. Their song “Drinks On Me” has hit over a million streams over the summer. That was a huge accomplishment for both IceCream and THD.

THD and IceCream both have been interested in music at a very young age, its almost fate that they found each other and were able to establish a major duo with one another. Dov3 is ready to take over the industry ! They recently had the chance to perform at the Loud Pack Concert right before the Rolling Loud Festival in Miami Beach. Currently both artists are focused on their newest single “Don’t Trip” releasing with up and coming artist Logikall. This record releases friday July 23rd as he wraps up his new project “Love Or Hate”. Dov3 is also working on their latest album set to drop later this fall/winter. Get ready as R&B takes back the radio waves and be sure to familiarize yourself with Dov3 !