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Top 5 Banned Dogs that are ILLEGAL to Own

Dogs are man’s best friend but, they were not always like this. Some descendants of wolves never really got domesticated as well as others. That’s why we ended up with friendly breeds such as the Golden Retriever and ones as deadly as the Bully kutta. Many dog species are actually banned in certain countries because of how aggressive they can be and that’s why today we are counting down the top 5 of them.

5.) Bully Kutta

The Bully Kutta is also known as the beast from the east because of its origins in Pakistan. This breed has the most fearsome reputation since they were bred for hunting and guarding. However and sadly, nowadays people use them for illegal dog fighting. Their size and aggression make them popular as fighting dogs but that also means they are regularly mistreated. Because of their aggression, only experienced trainers can handle Bully Kuttas well but unfortunately, they cannot turn this dog into family pets.

Bully Kutta.

4.) The Doberman.

When people talk about scary dogs, they usually look for a doberman since they were initially bred to be intimidating. The biggest reason for their aggression is the need to protect their owners. The Doberman’s loyalty is exactly what makes them so dangerous but so loveable at the same time. These dogs never hesitate to attack anyone they might even suspect to be of small threat. That explains why they have been banned in 16 states. If not trained right, the Doberman will definitely take matters into its own jaws and make sure you are safe. For all these reasons and more, this dog has found relevance in military and police forces.

3.) Rhodesian ridgeback

Also known as the African lion hound, the Rhodesian ridgeback originated in Africa where they were used to hunt lions. They are a strong and muscular breed of the hound family, easily identified by their brown furs. This breed is so strong and determined that they were used to kill apex predators. Despite their lineage, Rhodesian ridgebacks have a pretty even temperament as long as they are kept engaged and stimulated. They also have high energy levels so they should never be left alone with children without supervision. Another time they get super aggressive is when young children get near their food. It’s in their drive to protect their food and since their prey drive is very high, they might mistake kids for small prey.

Rhodesian ridgeback.

2.) Chow Chow.

Chow Chows might look like a very huggable breed but they are actually very assertive beings. They’re quite the fuzz ball, i mean, who wouldn’t love them? While in fact this breed is known as a high risk pet since they were about 238 attacks between 1979 and 1998, they are very protective of their owners and definitely act out when they are not given the proper training or the right environment. Some chow chows are shy, others are extremely outgoing and confident, hence it’s difficult to know what you’ll get with this breed. Some also have more aggressive behaviour that many states require the owners to carry special insurance in case things go wrong. These furry dogs can reach up to 70 pounds and if they don’t get the physical stimulation they require, they might attack anyone, even their owner.

Chow Chow.

1.) Perro De Presa Canario.

The Presa Canario is a breed whose ancestry includes some input from the now extinct bardario mahero as well as an input from the English Mastiff. Despite their very daunting appearance, these dogs are not aggressive by nature. However, that also doesn’t mean you should just go over and pet them. Although these dogs are incredibly calm and collected, they do get jittery around strangers and unknown animals. They are very headstrong and strong willed, with high energy and high prey drive, which makes them difficult dogs to deal with. For this reason, this breed is not for inexperienced owners.

Perro de Presa Canario.


JOURNALIST : What motivated you to get into sports journalism?

I have been passionate about football since I was very young, and very quickly, my daily life was punctuated only by this sport. Between watching football matches, playing football, and debriefing matches with friends, football has taken an important place in my life. Naturally, I decided to combine business with pleasure and give myself the means to practice this profession.

JOURNALIST : What team are you currently supporting?

I am a supporter of Real Madrid, already very small, I was amazed in front of the attacking trio Zidane, Ronaldo, Raùl. I then had the chance to watch the BBC, another trio that made history.

JOURNALIST : It is often said that Ligue 1 “Uber eats” is below other major leagues, what do you think?

It is true that in terms of European performance, France is a notch below behind Spain, England, Germany and Italy, despite sometimes great epics in the Champions League and Europa League. But I think that in terms of intensity and level of play in the league 1 championship, France has nothing to envy to foreigners. In my opinion, the French midfield is stronger than that of Spain or Germany, I would even say that it is more difficult to go for a victory in Angers rather than in Elche, Burnley or Bochum.

JOURNALIST : What is your opinion on the latest edition of the France Football Golden Ball and its winner?

In all objectivity, I did not understand the ranking, and sometimes I wonder if voters watch even 10 games in the year. Benzema was not on the podium despite an extraordinary season, Messi ahead of Lewandowski, Edouard Mendy absent from the TOP30, so many decisions that I don’t understand.

As for his winner, Messi did not steal it because he still had a decent year, but he was eliminated in the 1/8 finals in the Champions League and finished 3rd in his championship. I think Lewandowski would have been more deserving.

JOURNALIST : Zidane or Guardiola?

These two coaches have marked the history of football and it is important to know that they respect each other enormously. Pep even said in a press conference that he really hoped to be able to have dinner with Zidane one day.

I think Guardiola through his philosophy of play, and his relationship with young players has inspired many more coaches around the world.

As for my opinion, if I were club president, I would favor Zidane because he achieved an unprecedented performance by winning 3 Champions Leagues, the most prestigious competition in the world in just 2 and a half years. Before talking about the tactical system, Zidane brings a grinta and anger to his players in order to establish the culture of winning. But to answer this question as objectively as possible, it would be wise to wait for Zidane to coach a club other than Real Madrid, which is his birthplace.

JOURNALIST : If you had the opportunity to change something in today’s football, what would it be?

Football has its charm with its pros and cons, so the only idea that comes to mind would be ‘extra-sporty’. Indeed, football is a sport based on pleasure and fair play so I will eliminate racism as well as fights between supporters.

JOURNALIST : What do you think of the football press in France?

We tend to often complain and criticize in France. But the truth is that the football press in France is doing well, there is a real economy around it. They are often described as “too mean”, yet I did not notice any surge of hatred on the side of all the media after the elimination of PSG in the Champions League or even after the elimination of the French team in Euro 2020. Aguero was recently seen insulting French journalists as “assholes” after criticism of Messi. But the truth is that most sports journalists do their job and simply report the news. Messi is undoubtedly the greatest player in history, he has only scored 3 goals after 33 league 1 days, the media have the right to draw conclusions on the situation.

JOURNALIST : In your opinion, should Kyllian Mbappé stay in France at Paris Saint Germain?

It all depends on which side you are on, for PSG, and the French championship, of course it would be excellent news for a player of this caliber to stay.

JOURNALIST : To conclude, in the future what could we wish for you?

Success, whether personal or professional, as well as health.

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Vina Love’s “Options” Is The Female Empowerment Song You Need To Hear

Singer and songwriter Vina Love continues to impress in the music industry. As the daughter of Hip Hop legend Kid Capri, is carrying out a family legacy that will not be overlooked. Her immense talent, beauty and charisma as a budding R&B songstress, had led her to perform with some of music’s most influential acts including Fat Joe, Ja Rule, and Ashanti. As these legends all hail from New York, they have given the Queen’s native the backing she needs to propel to the top of stardom, joining the ranks of some of the greats. With an inspiring, recent single titled “Options” she has created the next female empowerment anthem for the world to indulge in. 

Touching on the struggles that  women face when trying to date in the modern world, she opens up a much needed conversation that many women can relate to.  In it, she professes her value and worth leading her to have many options to choose from when it comes to the dating pool, so if you want her attention you will have to come correct and concise. She does an excellent job on making it clear about her wants and needs as a woman, while reassuring the importance of self love in and out of relationships. It is easy to lose yourself in a relationship, so it is refreshing to hear a song that reminds ladies to never settle for less than what you deserve; which is  happiness over everything. 

Someone who believes in this message is Grammy Award Winning female rapper Megan Thee Stallion, who Vina Love shared a stage with in 2019 at the Music Hall of Williamsburg, in Brooklyn, New York. Being a proud New Yorker, she puts on for Queens in so many ways. Her hard work and determination led her to also share a stage with The Lox, one of the most iconic Hip Hop groups in music. Exploding on the scene with singles such as “Air” and “Drip”, her latest release only furthers her undeniable talent. 

Having the support of her famous father led her to become a reality television star as a recurring cast member on Growing Up Hip-Hop New York alongside Capri, Lil Mama, Angela Simmons, Charli Baltimore, Ja Rule, Fat Joe and Flava Flav to name a few. With balancing television appearances, and a budding music career, Love is showing that she was born a star. As she is currently working on a forthcoming EP that will feature Snoop Dogg, and Capella Grey, “Options” gives fans a taste of what they can expect moving forward from the Queens songbird.  

Vina Love promises to continue to promote self-love, and beacon of light for women who need simple reminders of how powerful their standards and self-esteem are.  Press play below to stream Vina Love’s latest single “Options” and support this beautiful, black queen. 

Draco Andretti: Ready To Break Out As The Industries Next Best Thing

Draco Andretti  is a self made on the rise musician from California, but now resides in Las Vegas, Nevada. While in high school he grew an interest in the music industry. He was actually close friends with well known artist Dizzy Wright who helped fuel his passion. Draco Andretti first started creating by mixing tracks as a DJ/Producer and eventually ended up falling victim to the streets after having his child.

It wasn’t long before he had to do other street activities to put food on the table, which lead to doing time eventually. When he was released he went to the art institute for media arts music production and video production. Since attending this school it taught him to cut out the middle man and create all on his own. He embodied becoming a one man band. This year is about rebranding himself and making a presence for himself. This year he will release a new album titled “Sin City Hot Boy”, but for now he is focused on releasing consistent singles. Make sure you check out his work. You will not be disappointed.

Nick Lavelle: SOM Talk Live

Music artist Nick Lavelle recently sat down with Rueben Wood and Llauryn Hendrix to discuss the success of his record Bad Bit$h and upcoming tours with Sammie and Eric Bellinger. During the conversation Nick asked one the wildest questions ever, “Is it wrong for a man to receive Anilingus?” So as the question is presented tot he viewers it leaves one to answer at his or hers own discretion.

SOM Talk Live is the late night show before the late night show coming on every Wednesday night at 10:30pm EST. on Noire TV. NoireTV is an American multinational premium cable channel owned by Caspen Media, LLC which launched on March 23, 2009. As of February 2021, NoireTV is available to approximately 21 million pay television households in the United States and around the world.

Detroit’s Nick Lavelle has been developing a grassroots fanbase with his smooth playboy sound, but today, he makes his formal introduction to a worldwide audience with his best work yet in the new single, titled “Bad Bit$h.” For the new song, Lavelle links up with rising producer Max Taylor to praise beautiful women all over the world, no matter the type.

TDE’s First Female Rapper Doechii Releases Highly Anticipated “Crazy” Single & Music Video

By: Universal Music Group

Top Dawg Entertainment’s first ever female rapper Doechii is a force to be reckoned with. After blowing up on Tik Tok and developing a rapid fanbase, this female emcee garnered the attention of TDE founder Top Dawg and is now the newest member of the West Coast power house. This could not come at a better time as she also inked a major recording deal under Capitol Records as TDE has secured a partnership with the heavy hitting record label. Today Doechii dropped yet another highly anticipated single and music video  titled “Crazy” which is the follow up to her debut TDE single “Persuasive”.

To make this release extra special, the Tampa native hosted a live private listening party in Downtown Los Angeles to debut her new single for her family, close friends, and industry supporters. The record and the visual challenges the stigmatized imagery of the female form, making for a one of a kind release that promotes female empowerment. The director, C. Prinz, and Doechii’s incredible vision is brought to life through shared personal experiences, raw creativity and authenticity to create a film like no other. In the “Crazy” video you will see the Florida native naked with a bunch of other unclothed women going crazy with the dance moves, looking like works of art.

Doechii is giving off heavy Lara Croft vibes, brandishing big fire arms, spitting some of her most lethal bars to date like this spit firing trendsetter she is. Her energy is unmatched as she appears unbothered, leading the on screen lady tribe into rage and destruction mixed with fighting and unity all at the same time. Doechii does a great job of expressing who she is as an artist and superstar on the rise, creating a unique lane of her own in this music video.

A star has been born, and her name is Doechii. Tap into powerful and positive vibes this weekend by pressing play below to stream the official music video for “Crazy”.

Schoolboy Q Releases New “Soccer Dad” Single

Schoolboy Q is reminding fans that he is still one of the best rappers in the game. Returning to the music scene after his Crash Talk album in 2019, the South Central native has officially released a new single titled “Soccer Dad“. It is not certain whether or not he has plans on releasing his sixth studio album anytime soon, but until then this release is a breath of fresh air.

In the opening moments of “Soccer Dad” you will hear a repeating drum cadence that goes right into Q’s impressive flow. He is quick to remind the world that his TDE Black Hippy crew (Kendrick Lamar, Jayrock, Ab-Soul & Schoolboy) created a lane for the new aged rapper to thrive and shine, with hardcore lyracism. His grungy, confident vocals glide over the uptempo beat, like a surfboard riding a wave. As he is known for being a gangster rapper, it is refreshing to see him take a different approach on this release, yet still staying true to his original, and influential sound.

The father of two takes pride in his dad duties hence the name of his latest release. You will hear Schoolboy candidly mentioning how he is a soccer dad and his life is only getting better. Some lyrics that coincide with the above statement include “I am really him, the soccer dad, my real life too wavy, while I cheer the stands, you little rappers go and wipe your mouth and go pull up your pants”. It is clear that his songwriting abilities and lethal tongue has not slowed down one bit. He is making it clear that he is not scared to go toe to toe with anyone, and him being a “Soccer Dad” has not changed who he is as an artist. 

Schoolboy Q has created yet another timeless record for the world to indulge in. Press play below to stream his new single “Soccer Dad”.

Deity Nico : Artist/Producer Extraordinaire

Deity Nico is an emerging Producer & Artist from the west side of Chicago, Illinois. He debuted in the year 2009 with his former music group Motivated on Dollars when he was formerly known as Evil Wayz with the release of their self-titled project. After many consecutive solo and group project releases Evil Wayz Re-debuted in 2015 as Nicodemus Legatus with the release of his full-length solo project titled Isolation 3. Nicodemus Legatus now known as Deity Nico started music at a young age of twelve playing piano and writing music with inspiration from his father and other family members. He grew up dealing with peer pressure, street violence and Losing many friends due to gang activity in Chicago. Growing up in an environment where crime and street life occurs, he decided to create music as a Career to stray away from the rough lifestyle in hopes to inspire many to do the same as well.

Deity Nico mostly creates music that tells stories of past and current experiences from him and others and also stories the masses can relate to. He likes to create music people can party and have fun to as well to make the masses feel good about themselves and forget the many different situations they may have at home. Deity Nico has been performing on stage most of his career and always gets a great response from the crowd after his performances due to his high energy and intensity he releases as well as getting the crowd involved. He has worked with many local and major artists during his career either producing a song with them or song feature he always looks to ensure great music is made.

Muni Long Inks Recording Deal With Def Jam Records

Breakout R&B star Muni Long, is finally getting her flowers. After being in the music business for over 10 years, pinning some of R&B’s biggest hits for stars such as Rihanna, Mariah Carey, Ariana Grande, Madonna, Chris Brown and Mary J. Blige has landed a record label partnership with Def Jam Recordings. In conjunction with her Supergiant Records label, this announcement was made public by Def Jam chairman & CEO Tunji Balogun, who personally oversaw the signing.

As she is best known for her breakthrough platinum hit single “Hrs & Hrs” it has already accumulated over 150 million streams, peaking in the Top 5 at Apple Music, #17 on the Billboard Hot 100 and is currently sitting at #3 at Urban radio, hitting the Top 10 at Rhythm Radio. With famous influencers and celebrities taking to Tik-Tok to show their love for “Hrs & Hrs” including Yung Miami, Halle Bailey, and Ari, it is easily one of the biggest songs of the year. Rapper JT took to social media to defend Long “NO! people, haters, how else will it get heard? When one person gets tired another person discovers it! Keep playing the song for hrs & hrs! Support our black people. Do you think people are overplaying “Hrs & Hrs?” To answer her question, I hope the world never stops playing it! 

“It has been a lifelong goal of mine to be able to bring my gifts to the world. This alignment with Tunji and Def Jam for a global takeover is a literal dream come true,” exclaims Muni Long. “Supergiant Records started as an idea between myself and my husband Raysean in 2019 and over the course of the next two years we would invest, hire, strategize and create. As our team grew, so did our success, and as a result of hours and hours of hard work and intense focus, this year we reaped a bountiful harvest. Many, many thanks to my partners, Rashad Tyler, Raysean Hairston, Chris Anokute and all those who contributed to this historic moment. We look forward to an incredible journey with Tunji and the Def Jam family.”

“Muni represents everything a Def Jam artist should be: bold, independent, authentic, creative, visionary, and one of a kind,” said Tunji Balogun. “I have followed her artistry and journey very closely, from her time as a writer for some of the biggest artists in the world, to the incredible run of success she is now so deservedly enjoying. Muni sets the new standard for where we want to go as a label. I’m thrilled to join her and her world-class team in this exciting partnership. With all the amazing work done by Priscilla and Raysean, Chris, Rashad and the Supergiant team, along with J.R. McKee and his MPR team – combined with the resources and passion of the Def Jam family – the sky’s the limit.”

Muni Long not only has the the top R&B single, but she is also a 2022 Grammy®-nominated writer for her work on H.E.R. ‘s Back of My Mind album for the single “Process”. Outside of being Grammy Nominated, she has been named to iHeart Radio’s ‘On The Verge’ program, BET Amplified Artist of the Month for April, YouTube’s Artist On The Rise, Spotify Frequency Artist, Snapchat Artist to Watch, and Amazon Breakthrough Artist of the Month.  She released a jazzy rendition of “Hrs and Hrs” as her Amazon Original Live Performance – watch here.  You can also watch her perform­ance of “Hrs and Hrs” on NBC’s The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon.

Press play below to stream Muni Long’sHrs & Hrs” official music video that has grossed over 31 million streams on youtube. 

Benny The Butcher Butchers Tye Harris’ Name

Benny the Butcher made mention of this phenom during a recent interview with Ebro Darden. But he called him Tye Ferris and not Tye Harris. Though it was an honest mistake it led viewers to wonder, Who Is Tye Harris? When you hear recording artist Tye Harris of Dallas, Texas you imagine hearing an eclectic mix of Hip-Hop, R&B, Rock, Jazz and even operatic elements, however when you see Tye Harris you are instantly impressed with who he is. Growing up in Dallas certainly shaped him into the artist that he is. Burgeoning from the impoverished Areas of the city certainly inspired him to see the world differently than his everyday peers. Through his development, music became the soul food for nurturing his environment. Music is his love language. When you speak with Tye Harris (not only about music) you are impressed with his confidence, wisdom, and outlook. You get an opportunity to witness the maturation of a true artist.

His current single “Asphalt and Concrete” is an ode to him leaving the thought processes of surviving the streets and him making the conscious effort to start thriving in his life. Thriving by going to the next level as an artist. Tye has begun working on his first global commercial album release with the assistance of My Coterie Production Studios, Jerome “J-Roc” Harmon, Chris Godbey, and many more. This project will be poignant, full of depth, and sonically unique. There is no other way for Tye Harris to be.