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Ro: A Man With Many Talents Who Is Ready To Break Out In The Entertainment Industry

Ro is an on the rise recording artist and producer from Brooklyn, New York. His passion for creating piqued in the early 2000s. Around this time he was just beginning to create beats and began rapping while being featured on his sisters Keisha n Kellie’s records. His career in the scene began as a hype man, show producer and assistant manager. He wore many hats and assisted his sisters in their career. His sisters are both now in Los Angeles. The sisters appeared on showtime at the Apollo and were even reached out to by the notorious label Bad Boy, but they kindly passed on that opportunity. Keisha n Kellie have seen much success and now it’s time for Ro to focus on his. Not only does Ro create music, he is also an amazing actor. He has been an extra in hit movies such as “ATL” and “Stomp The Yard”.

Before the Covid 19 pandemic hit the nation Ro was picking up many gigs including being featured in music videos for major artists such as Coheed and Cambria, Hood Celebrity, Fetty Wap and Tory Lanez. He also did other work for film such as a Google Photos ad for SnapChar, print for Axe, Digicel among others. His portfolio is immaculate. The main focus now is music and getting his latest single “Open Safe” heard . Make sure you check out the latest record from Ro and stay tuned as he is set to release visuals in the near future.

YTS Armani: Talented Artist From Maryland Ready To Break Out As A Mainstream Artist

Arman Toyserkani, better known by his artist name YTS Armani is an on the rise recording artist from Rockville, Maryland. 2021 was a pivotal year for this young artist. It was the year he began creating and articulating music. Despite being around music his entire life, it was the last thing he thought he would be pursuing. His parents played a role in exposing him to amazing musical pioneers who influenced him, but it was a friend who ultimately pushed him to take music seriously. 2021 was the same year he decided to take music seriously as a career path for himself.

August 2021, YTS Armani released his first ever debut single titled “Done”. Soon after that release came his second single “Games”. He was on a roll and wanted to stay consistent. However the track that put his content in the eye of the public was “Like That”. This song helped YTS Armani gain some notable traction. It received a high amount of streams and notoriety for his brand. 

Although YTS Armani is only 19 years old he carries himself like a veteran. He has already been featured on major publications such as Genius, Medium, Billboard Hip Hop and more. He has also performed with successful artists such as Mir Fontane, Scorey and Tee Grizzley. His music competes easily with those already in the mainstream light. He has also participated in the 2022 NBA All-Star Weekend Media Room, in Cleveland, Ohio. All of this occurred only right after releasing his very first song. His music speaks for itself and will gain him a lot more attention than what he has already been seeing.

Currently he is working on an EP titled “Yours Truly n’ Sincerely”. This EP will be set to release in June 2022. This project is his first EP and is very significant to him as an artist, each song paints a picture for the audience. This project displays his diversity and uniqueness as an artist. Also stay tuned for his music video dropping for his single “Like That” on the way soon. YTS Armani is eager at work on his musical content as well as merch and his own NFT collection. In the meantime give him a follow and keep up with journey as it unfolds.

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StankNasty: An Emerging Artist Ready To Make His Presence Known

StankNasty is an on the rise recording artist from outside of Chicago, Illinois. Hip Hop has always played a huge part in his life. As he has grown as an individual and has honed in on his true passion, he evolved from dance battles into becoming a rap artist. Music speaks to his soul. After tapping into his musical ability he has embodied what it means to be versatile. His ability to write and flow are unlimited as he is able to deliver any style almost seamlessly. When first beginning his career he started on the FL Studio DAW. In 2017-2018 he began to take his craft and brand seriously. Since then he has been staying dedicated and consistent, dropping content on a regular basis, working with one of the best engineers in Illinois, Gerald “The Genius” Leibnitz, owner and operator of Soundation Studio. 

Although an amazing artist he is also very business savvy. Recently he was able to lock in an interview/performance at the grand opening of Chicago black owned business WarrZone Beauty Shop, hosted by Power 92.3 Raw TV Radio.StankNasty is set to have another interview with Chicago radio host of Fusion Radio May 7th. StankNasty is working to make sure his name is known. He just released his latest single “My Own Lane” with vocalist Armando Gutierrez aka MVNDO. They will also be working on a visual for this single as well for their fans. StankNasty enjoyed having his fiance Anays, who is an actress/model star in the video. StankNasty has a knack for making an impact within the industry and wants to continue growing to make a name for his brand. His versatility draws in listeners from all walks of life. 

Currently he is working on many projects. One of his projects set to release in the future is titled “Paranoia” featuring Tito Lopez who was a protege of Dr. Dre. Another one is called One Man Army, which StankNasty will be pitching to a previous American Idol contestant that is well-known in Illinois. The next project set to release is titled “Thank You” featuring two amazing vocalists Just Jana and Ash’leye Braxton. His goals are to gain recognition for himself and perform at some of the biggest venues in Chicago to start. It’s just the beginning for StankNasty.


𝐢𝐓𝐮𝐧𝐞𝐬/𝐀𝐩𝐩𝐥𝐞 𝐌𝐮𝐬𝐢𝐜:


Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT Trilogy Launching Through Coinbase

AS many are saying NFTs are cooling down there is one that is just heating up, you guessed it, Bored Ape Yacht Club. Recently Coinbase has just decided on making a 3 part film series for the NFT and their community.

We’re stoked that Coinbase is making a film series featuring the Bored Ape Yacht Club community. Bored APE NFT holders, submit your ape for casting. Mutants, don’t worry, this is the first film in a trilogy, and you’ll be getting your own casting call for part two.”

Coinbase has also stated for chosen ape holders they will be paid $10,000 worth of either ApeCoin or Bitcoin. Coinbase has stated all profits earned from their movie will be donated to charity. Coinbase has yet to announce the release date for the first film of the series.

Pop Star Jasmine Ortiz Invites You To Enter The Matrix With Her Latest Hit Single “Never Going Home”

Jasmine Ortiz is definitely an artist to have on your radar!  With her ever-growing fan-base, Jasmine’s latest single “Never Going Home” is the perfect anthem to describe the feeling when you never want the fun to end.  Joining forces with Latin Grammy Nominated Producer Sak Noel, both Jasmine and Sak Noel have infused the best of pop music with up-tempo beats motivating you to get up and dance!

This new hit single was just released on 4/1/22 and has already received over 2 Million views on YouTube, was added to Apple’s Best New Music by Shazam, was added to the Top 10 on TIDAL’s Future Sounds List, and just landed on MTV’s Spankin’ New Music List.  Sak Noel is no stranger to making top-charting hits and has worked with some of the best artists in the music industry which include Sean Paul, Lil John, Pitbull, Madonna, and Maroon 5 just to name a few. Sak Noel’s collaborations include the current hit single “I Feel Good” by Pitbull featuring Anthony Watts & DJWS that peaked at Number 7 on Billboard’s Hot Dance/Electric Songs. With just under 2 weeks since the release of this single, Sak Noel has definitely put his magical touch on this song as streams and YouTube views continue to rise.

The music video for this single is electric and mesmerizing as it brings you into the Matrix.  Using “Music as her medication”, Jasmine deflects anything getting in her way of having a good time!  Jasmine was inspired to use the Matrix theme in her music video as the Matrix trilogy has been one of her favorite film franchises since she was young.  For Jasmine, it was important to re-create several iconic scenes from the Matrix as Jasmine pays tribute to the character ‘Trinity’ as she represents the epitome of female empowerment, strength, and resilience.

With a total of over 14 Million combined views across her music videos, what is most impressive about Jasmine is that she was originally born without a voice. Spending over one month in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Mount Sinai Hospital, Jasmine underwent a life-saving surgery as she was born with an Esophageal Trachea Fistula, a condition that left the top portion of her esophagus disconnected while the bottom portion of her esophagus was connected to her windpipe. Jasmine’s vocal cords and lungs were very fragile after surgery that even when Jasmine cried, nothing was audible for almost a year.

Motivated to overcome this physical limitation, Jasmine began her own journey of trying to “find her voice”.  Although Jasmine was not old enough to express herself with speaking, she took it upon herself at the age of two to hop onto a baby grand piano and tap out a simple melody inside a restaurant while her parents were eating. Determined to “find her voice”, Jasmine began piano classes at age three which fueled her passion for music and enhancing her vocal capabilities. Fast forward onto today, Jasmine is fluent in English, Spanish and Chinese and has impressively released music in all three languages.  In addition, Jasmine uses “her voice” by playing the guitar, drums, saxophone, and viola. 

On top of her music career, this Spring Jasmine will be graduating from The University of Miami with majors in Musicianship, Artistry Development and Entrepreneurship with a minor in Political Science, WOW!

If you are looking for the feel-good song of 2022, you definitely need to check out “Never Going Home” by Jasmine Ortiz and make sure you follow this Pop Star that is destined for greatness!

Cherish Brooke Hill does Snoh Aalegra’s Skin Prep with Shiseido Essential Energy for the 64th Annual Grammy Awards

By: Cherish Brook Hill

As it was a historic night at the 64th Annual Grammy Awards, many celebrities and nominees showed up and showed out in a tasteful and iconic manner. With several female artists up for nominations including SZA, Doja Cat, Lady Gaga, H.E.R., and Jazmine Sullivan, a newer act by the name of Snoh Aalegra, dazzled fans on and off the red carpet. Nominated for Best R&B Performance and Best R&B Album, the Swedish-Iranian songstress proved that her harmonious and beautiful vocals match her graceful and angelic aura. She broke onto the scene in 2017, with her debut album Feels,  which laid the foundation for her 2022 hit album Temporary Highs in the Violet Skies

Celebrity hairstylist and make-up artist Cherish Brooke Hill is responsible for Aalegra’s timeless look doing her make-up, preparing her skin  with Shiseido Essential Energy. As this is her first time being nominated for a Grammy Award and her first time attending the awards, her team wanted to make sure she looked elegant and classy. Hill had these words to share in regards to Snoh Aalegra’s dashing look. “For her look we wanted to keep the makeup really classic, elegant and timeless since this was her time at the Grammys.” We kept the skin really natural and did a soft pink blush with a soft brown eyeliner.” See a list of products below that were used to bring Aalegra’s Grammy Award look to life.

Products Used: 

Skin Prep: 

 Shiseido Power Infusing Concentrate ($140)

Essential Energy Hydrating Cream ($49)

Future Solution LX ($285) 

Eye and Lip Contour Regenerating Cream ($153) 

Make Up:


SYNCHRO SKIN Soft Blurring Primer ($36)

SYNCHRO SKIN RADIANT LIFTING Foundation SPF 30 in “Citrine” ($47) 

InnerGlow CheekPowder in “Aura Pink” and “floating rose” ($29)


Lipliner Inkduo in “Beige and Bare” ($26)

ModernMatte powder lipstick in “Jazz Den” and “Nude Streak”($26)


SYNCHRO SKIN Correcting GelStick Concealer ($31)

SYNCHRO SKIN Invisible Silk Loose Powder ($38)Kajal InkArtist – Shadow, Liner, Brow in “Tea House” ($25)

Marijuana Mogul Ed orchion Goes 4/20 Crypto During Miami Tech Month Releasing His NJWeedman NFT Collection

Miami, FL – With a marijuana themed empire based in Trenton, NJ and Miami, FL, marijuana mogul, activist and gangapreneur, Ed “NJWeedman” Forchion, is blowing smoke into higher realms. Forchion is releasing his NJWeedman NFT Collection during Miami Tech Month on the heels of the Miami NFT Week conference. The collection drops on 4/20, the internationally celebrated cannabis holiday.  Forchion will mint three different collections on the Rarible NFT Marketplace (, available through Ethereum. The collection can be viewed at

The NJWeedman NFT Collection will fall under the categories of Support, Yacht and Membership, with each NFT purchase designated accordingly. A single “Support” category NFT will be made available on 04/20 with the proceeds supporting Forchion’s endeavor to produce his streaming platform shows. The 4/20 NFT will continue to stay open for sale with different projects and initiatives being announced by Forchion.  The “Yacht” NFT will grant yearly access for two people on Forchion’s Cannabis Cruise line.  The “Membership” NFT will have multi-utility and serve as different forms of payment for cover charges for parties and special events.

“With my storefront, NJWeedman’s Joint in Trenton, now owned and operated by my daughters, and The Joint of Miami, the cannabis friendly art and music lounge, under the direction and ownership of my son and niece, I have more time on my hands to expand and pursue different interests.  So, I’m making the leap into NFT’s as a viable means for fund raising. NFT art is all the rage right now and I’ve had several inquiries for NJWeedman NFT’s. Given my long-standing legacy, it seems like a great next adventure,” offers Forchion.

Ed “NJWeedman” Forchion has a zealous history of fighting and documenting the inequities in the cannabis industry for over three decades now.  As one of the first Black activist in the movement, dating back to the early 90’s, Forchion has spent over 1200 days in prison, fighting for the right to smoke and sell pot. Forchion asserts that new laws are being set to criminalize growers and small legacy vendors like him, while awarding billion-dollar contracts to corporations for the sales, distribution, and marketing of the plant. 

In the past, Forchion has been vehemently retaliated against by the powers that be and his battle with politicians, the police, the courts, even the DEA are all public record. His legend has grown exponentially like the plant, with mainstream media like NBC News in New York, ABC-TV Nightline, Cheddar News, VICE News, MSNBC, and most recently The Philadelphia Inquirer, all documenting his affairs.  As the co-founder of NJWeedman’s Joint in Trenton, NJ and the founder of The Joint of Miami in Florida, he is a legacy market success story in the making.

Stay current with him at and view the NJWeedman NFT Collection at

Akshit Puri’s latest songs are going viral indicates he can be the upcoming music sensation

Akshit Puri is a young boy next door who has aced several fields. He is an entrepreneur, fitness influencer and soon is going to be a renowned musical artist. Akshit has been an all-rounder since his school days. He was good at sports, music, dancing and even he was good at studies.  

His interest in sports influenced him to be physically fit. Soon he started to love working out and worked out frequently. He was obsessed with being in shape and even encouraged everyone around him to stay fit.  

If you want to get into shape Akshit is your man. He is expert in doing so and has transformed the lives of lakhs of people by training them to get the body of their dreams. He gives his client exercise routine according to their needs and ability and even gives them a diet that they should follow. Akshit is clear that consistency is the key. His workout routines and diet plans are simple and easy to keep up with. The only thing he is super strict about is consistency.  

Akshit belongs to the background of entrepreneurs. His family has a big business. Before getting too involved in the fitness industry he also handled businesses of his father and took them to another level by taking it across seas. Undoubtedly he is also a successful businessman. 

Being a fitness influencer and a businessman, Akshit’s solace was always somewhere in music. Even in his school people called him gifted because of his melodic voice. He loves to sing and listen to music. Motivated by his family and friends he thought of finally giving singing a chance. In 2021, he debuted with the song Gotcha Yeah. In 2022, his two songs were released called Deep Love and The Master Show. All the songs are available on Amazon Music and YouTube. He was praised for his performance and soon is going to be the new sensation in the music industry.  

Reference- Factdarshan Times

When Gauri Khan Left Shah Rukh Khan For Sometime Due To This Reason

The pairing of Bollywood’s King Shahrukh Khan and Gauri Khan is one of the most talked about couples in the industry. Shahrukh Khan and Gauri were married in the year 1991 and with the passage of time their bonding also became amazing. However, today we are going to tell you that there was a time in the life of Shahrukh and Gauri too when there was a distance between them for some time. Yes, according to media reports, something like this happened in the early stages of the relationship, due to which Shahrukh Khan and Gauri separated from each other.

According to Gauri Khan, this was when she and Shah Rukh were quite young and were not completely ready for marriage. Gauri says that she took a break from her relationship with Shahrukh Khan for a while. Giving the reason for this, Gauri says that Shahrukh was very positive about her and this thing used to bother her many times.

According to Gauri, she needed her own space and this was the reason why she had moved away from King Khan for some time at the beginning of the relationship. However, time passed and Gauri-Shah Rukh reunited, never to part.

Now talking about Shahrukh Khan’s professional front, the actor was last seen in the 2018 film ‘Zero’. Shahrukh Khan’s upcoming films include ‘Pathan’. According to media reports, this film is to be released this year.

Yes, according to media reports, something like this happened in the early stages of the relationship, due to which Shahrukh Khan and Gauri separated from each other.

Azazel The Marine Has Been Making His Presence Known In The Music Industry

Azazel The Marine is an American recording artist. Music really took off for him after retiring from the Military. He finally had time to focus on a new adventure. Musical pioneers such as Tupac and Biggie have played a huge role in inspiring and helping Azazel shape his own sound. Music has alleviated a lot of his internal quarrels as he vents on the making is his therapy.

Azazel has not only been grinding within the music industry, but also has been featured in a Netflix film and now has an acting credit. Is there anything he cant do? Keep an eye out for new content as his career is only heating up.