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Dov3: Is Bringing Back The R&B Vibe

Jovon Jones and Darius Tucker better known individually as IceCream and THD are a musical collaboration who go by Dov3. These two artists met while attending Fort Valley State University. They came together and began to create. They both have their own specific sound, but come together and create a powerful R&B vibe. Their album released recently in May and has surpassed 150,0000 streams on all digital platforms. This album includes their popular tracks such as “Overdose”, “Drinks On Me” and “Missing You”. Their song “Drinks On Me” has hit over a million streams over the summer. That was a huge accomplishment for both IceCream and THD.

THD and IceCream both have been interested in music at a very young age, its almost fate that they found each other and were able to establish a major duo with one another. Dov3 is ready to take over the industry ! They recently had the chance to perform at the Loud Pack Concert right before the Rolling Loud Festival in Miami Beach. Currently both artists are focused on their newest single “Don’t Trip” releasing with up and coming artist Logikall. This record releases friday July 23rd as he wraps up his new project “Love Or Hate”. Dov3 is also working on their latest album set to drop later this fall/winter. Get ready as R&B takes back the radio waves and be sure to familiarize yourself with Dov3 !

Versari James: Is Back With Vengeance And Preps For His Latest Album

Versari James is an on the rise recording artist from Adelaide, Australia. Growing up for him was no easy task as he experienced a ton of violence at an early stage in his life. He bottled up his emotions, but learned to express it through creating music. In the recent year Versari had decided to pursue music more seriously. Currently he is focused on revamping his brand and image after beating aggravated assault charges in early May of this year. Now he’s eager to release his album.

Versari has teamed up with Australian rap producer nebs to finalize his album before the big release. He states “I think it covers a broader genre then just your Australian Hip Hop. The album is almost complete ! He has been working very hard juggling his full time job, his daughter and music. Accomplishing goals each day is the mission. He has learned that investing more of his time and money into what he loves is his recipe for success. Hard work and consistency pays off. Versari has realized that haters become your biggest fans at the end of the day and never take advice only listen to your own voice. Make sure you check out his content and stay tuned for his latest album set to drop very soon in the near future.

Houston Has A New Star In The Making And He Goes By Audentia

Brian DeJesus better known as Audentia is an on the rise recording artist from Houston, Texas. Audentia has always been interested in the process of creating music, but his passion really dawned on him while in middle school. He was introduced to some major Hip Hop pioneers such as Eminem, 50 Cent and Jay-Z. Since then he was hooked on Hip Hop. Audentia started to jot down any rhymes that came to his head. He also started to study other artists which helped him to distinguish his own sound.

His passion for creating goes way beyond just making great music. He wants his music to really express who he is to his fans and tell them his life experiences within his lyrics. Currently Audentia is working on an EP. This project has a lot of collaborative tracks with amazing producers from all over. Keeping his progression consistent is key for his success and key for him growing his listeners as well.

He states “So far on this Journey to Success is everything has its timing, and it is a marathon, not a race. Everyone moves at a different speed and don’t let anything else affect what you got going on, just keep pushing through even when the going gets rough.” These are very wise words from a young artist. Make sure you show your support and check out his recent releases and stay tuned for his new EP.

Chronic: Is Putting Drexel Hill, PA On The Map

Damian Mancini better known by his stage name Chronic is an on the rise recording artist from Drexel Hill, PA. He is a complete go-getter. Not only is he an artist, but he also produces and designs clothes as well. His clothing brand is called “SOLITUDE” and he is still working on a few concepts before releasing his merchandise line.

Chronic started to pursue music while in middle school and hasn’t stopped since. Now he partakes in a little bit of everything and is perfecting all skills within his trade. Right now he is focused on his clothing line and releasing new singles for his fans. Check out his older releases before he drops new content and stay in touch with him on social media so you do not miss any new content.


After releasing a hit song Cyffa Leyenda & Dela Wesst decides to drop a music video to the record after receiving more than 100k streams on Spotify and more than 1 million on SoundCloud. Consistently promoting the record has the hit song sky rocketing to a Gold record as it’s already Silver. As Cyffa Leyenda planned this record to do numbers Cyffa and Its64boy have more ideas for the record as more people still can be reached. This is Cyffa & Dela’s first time in their careers soon to win an award for a high streaming record within 3 months. The music video was released by Stackin Up Entertainment and video shot by OHFO MEDIA. Everyone came together played their role and had no conflict or business problems during this record planning.

Fineto video was directed by Dela Wesst & OHFO MEDIA and Team DELA at the shoot and Sponsored by Stackin Up Entertainment. Everyone put their minds together for the record and was pleased with OHFO MEDIA’s work. After the video was done many of Cyffa Leyenda fans were and still are asking for the video as people were asking a week ago for the video to be released but timing is everything. Ever since people have been waiting on the video release Cyffa’s Instagram engagement went up +74k %. In the video was Cyffa Leyenda friend Deejay and Dela’s Wife which she helped directed the movie as well. But enough talk click video above to stream show love to the great master piece Cyffa Leyenda and Dela Wesst put together for the world.




Hendrix Music Group: Built From A Survivor, This Mogul Sees Success In His Future

Vision, foundation, passion and drive are just a few of the many key components required to build and manage a successful record label. From humble beginnings, to now flourishing a promising name for itself, Hendrix Music Group is rapidly on its way to becoming the recording label industry’s next big highlight! Headed by CEO, Jimmy Hendrix, HMG is one of the few recording companies that takes pride in bringing the best out of one’s artistry. Hailing from East Oakland California, Hendrix has years of experience, fresh marketing strategies, and representing first-rate artists to take their music to the next level. Inspired by hip-hop media mogul Russell Simmons and west-coast rapper Too Short, Hendrix knew from an early age that he wanted to make his mark in the music industry. 

At age 20, Hendrix became a survivor of gun violence and now uses a wheelchair, but he did not let the circumstances hold him back from following his dreams. After discovering his own zeal behind the scenes working with artists, producers and managers over the years, it became clear that his own motivation, optimism and eye for undiscovered potential would lead him to launch HMG. Hendrix takes an honest and straightforward approach to successfully managing small and large acts which include artists such as Kimbo Takeoff and Kooley Sanchez. Hendrix has developed the skills of networking, building influence, and providing proper outlet promotion for the artists HMG represents, but now realizes it’s time to leverage himself and tell his own unique story.  

Dedication to talent, entrepreneurial pride, and overcoming obstacles are only a piece of the perspective when it comes to the mission of Hendrix Music Group. In recent years, the HMG team started to make their presence known in the music business between the Atlanta Metro area and the Bay area, while planning to expand to different cities and markets nationwide. Hendrix is determined to make HMG a household name that’s a force to be reckoned with by staying true to his focused business mindset, and natural born hustling spirit. Hendrix has no choice but to leave a legacy, which is one of his many dreams that must be fulfilled. 

In 2021, HMG artist Kimbo Takeoff released his highly anticipated project titled Galen Way Baby which includes standout tracks such as “Pop My Shit” and “Fly N***a” with OG Bandz. Just this week Kimbo Takeoff also released his long-awaited video for his single “Cream” filmed on Galen Way and now streaming on YouTube. Kooley Sanchez, another one of HMG’s prized artists released his project Land Surfing that features undeniable hits such as “Wartown Soldier” and “Pouring Drank in Oakland”. The Newest Member of HMG is JayDaNavyy, Rapper/TikTok creator. Look out for him this summer. Hendrix Music Group aims to strengthen each of it’s artist’s releases and get them ready for global success.

Bonni3 Says COVID-19 Was The Best Thing That Could Have Happened For Entrepreneurs

Gabriel Comfort better known by her stage name Bonni3 is not only an artist, but also an entrepreneur. Bonni3 has successfully been running a business since 2014. Her business has been solely based on reselling. She states “If you do not have much money to start a business and you refuse to work a 9-5, reselling is an amazing option.” Her business focuses towards helping brands with their publicity. Something that is highly popular due to the fact so many individuals seek verification on platforms and being notable is a major requirement. During quarantine she was able to double her earnings and create new strategies to enhance her social selling skills.

Bonni3 says “Quarantine should have helped entrepreneurs buckle down and conquer new goals. If you were not a physical business outside it should have benefited you or you just were not taking advantage of the opportunity.” Bonni3 not only reached new heights as far as her earnings with Christian Nicole Promotions, but she also took advantage of selling platforms such as EBay and Offer Up to flip items that are most shopped for. Ebay has been allowing people to sell items for free no sign up fee. Why not take advantage of platforms such as these. Bonni3 has always been known as a go-getter. She does not stop finding new methods or ways to generate more income. Back in 2013 people laughed and ridiculed her for starting an online business and base it only on services. Now everything is online. People are starting to go out less. This generation is ONLINE based. She will be continuing to grow her business as well as her musical ventures. If you are interested in learning more about how to grow your online traffic, pr services etc book a consultation with her below.