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Young Mistro : Bringing Some Therapy To All Hearts Across The World

Young Mistro is an on the rise recording artist and entrepreneur from Brooklyn, NYC . His clothing like/group and also label is called True Wisdom Only Manifest Greatness (TWOMG) for short. His brand message is amazing and connects with all on a positive level. “Heart Therapy” stands for “Any Broken Heart Can Be Healed“. His recent mixtape is also titled “Heart Therapy” which was released 11/11/21. The tape features tracks such as Up, Dangerous & No EZN Up. The records Young Mistro create relates to all audiences. Young Mistro seeks to inspire through whatever he creates.

During the pandemic a ton of entrepreneurs and dream chasers were born including Young Mistro. During this time he decided to take his craft more seriously and invest in what he enjoys. Creating was his way out. The goal with his brand “Heart Therapy” is to go against comparisons and focus solely on self healing, focus and building. His mission is clear and one that is needed in such a dark industry. One of his top records is soon to be released titled “ Million Dollar Baby”. He has a visual done that was shot in LA on the way as well. This video was shot by Omnien whose major set credits include Big Sean, Sada Baby, Chanel Westcoast and more.

Currently he is working on new content while finishing final touches for his new record “Million Dollar Baby”. This record will be the main record for his next mixtape “Heart Therapy Deluxe”. Be sure to stay tuned for the release and check out his catalog in the meantime. Get familiar with Young Mistro.

Bigg KC Official: Rising Star From Florida

Bigg KC Official is a rising recording artist from Florida who seeks to merely bring authenticity back into the game. Her mission is not fame, but to speak knowledge that will resonate and relate with others. Her biggest dream is to “move, inspire and impact people’s lives and moods” on a global scale. According to the singles and videos she is dropping, that dream is being boldly tracked one musically imprinted step at a time. Indeed, her smile and charisma breaks down walls and creates space for others to be heard while they are yet listening to her fire. Humble but fierce, her resilient strength comes from within, but her external support comes in other forms” she states.

Bigg Kc Official has always been ready for the music industry. Her first public performance was in Tampa, Florida which helped her gain some traction years ago. The crowd loved her. Watch her audience continue to grow. In the meantime check out her music catalog and get familiar with her brand. You can expect her EP “Wild Child” to drop mid summer 2022.

Can Cardano Still make You Rich?

Why the hell not? Face it all who do not believe in the utility of Cardano are ridiculous. You should not only be investing to become millionaires, but the lack of respect for Cardano is wild. This coin has been a consistent top 10 crypto, more uses then Bitcoin…not to mention the amazing NFT projects emerging on the platform.

It is not an “if” it is a “when” with this coin. The slow and steady way from Cardano scares off a lot of people for some reason, but here at Limitless better believe we are adding to the bag. I would say a smart number is holding at least 1000 Cardano, but hey we arent financial advisors do your own research.

Stephen Thomas: Small Towner With Big Dreams Is Ready To Take Over The Industry

Stephen Thomas is a recording artist from West Virginia. Coming up from such a small area definitely had its drawbacks as far as resources when it came to his passion. Yet, he has still been able to see a lot of success already within the industry. Stephen is a five-time Grammy Award considered singer, songwriter, producer and is an IMDb budding actor, and assistant director. His career is only just beginning. He has already ripped the stage with veteran artists such as Ja-Rule, Ashanti, Plies, Young Bleu, Mooski and many others.

More recently he has released a smash hit single titled “Outstanding” featuring DJ Unk. The song is a vibe. It brings remnants from The Gap Band’s hit song “Outstanding”, but adds a 2022 twist to it. Feel good music is essential at this point in our lives,” shares, Stephen as he introduces another side of his eclectic coin. Stephen says “I believe in my music because I purposely create songs that touch the souls of listeners– my music helps listeners make it another day… by being relatable and authentic“. He is a true mastermind when it comes to his craft. Be sure to tune into his catalog and stream his latest single.


Zzume Has Linked Up With Bonni3 To Deliver a Smash Hit Single Titled “Namen”

Zzume is a German song writer and singer based in Switzerland. His music caters to pop rock and punk rock. His musical style has remnants of sounds inspired by MGK, Blink 182, Green Day, Youngblud and many others. Yet his sound is like no other.

His music is purely authentic. Recently he has linked up with a United States female artist who goes by “Bonni3”. Bonni3 creates alternative hip hop and rock music, The pair sound amazing together. Be sure to check out Zzume and Bonni3’s catalogs before they release the hit song “Namen” on May 6th.

Reuel-Azriel’s Marcella of West Hollywood: Cloud Restaurant’s Next “Cecconi’s”

Opening as a Cloud Restaurant in Los Angeles in 2019, Marcella West Hollywood reimagines traditional Italian cuisine by taking a modern approach using internationally and locally-sourced-sustainable ingredients paired with bold flavors. The fully-portioned shared concept of family dishes around the table can be available through a host of food delivery services. Marcella is designed to offer options for everyone, including those who are kosher, vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free. The restaurant features a dynamic online cocktail program using fresh, seasonal ingredients, and offers a versatile selection of the finest; veggie-packed cocktails to super-bitter spirits, known to man. Marcella restaurant founder Reuel-Azriel contends, “The new standard in restaurants is to provide elevated old-fashions, elevated fresh tasting margaritas, poignant martinis, appetizing dishes and a signature design featuring spatialist accents, arabesque marble, and numerous classical elements, all contributing to the alluring Modern Italian aesthetic. Owned and operated by Reuel-Azriel of Chateau de Zera, Marcella’s expansion plans include openings in New York and Dubai. For more information please visit: or follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter @MarcellaWestHollywood.


Marcella reconceptualizes traditional Italian cuisine by taking a contemporary approach to combining internationally and locally procured ingredients. Our menu is designed to offer an array of options: kosher, vegan, haute cuisine, vegetarian, and gluten free.


At Marcella we are committed to providing our family, not our guest, for our guest are our family, with the freshest ingredients that are locally & internationally focused but empirically artistic.


At Marcella, we’ve ingeniously arranged every one of the components of the eatery to inspire an unequaled tactile sensory experience. From our visually stunning design and our seductively enchanting music, to our honor winning menu, let Marcella transport you to a world that is both contemporary, exemplary, timeless, and classic.

Marcella is that beautiful, beautiful, woman you see once in a life time, that you can never forget. That coveted experience that brings nostalgia to your senses. The taste, the smell, the aroma of a moment caught in time. Marcella evokes this experience through its elegant, but chic, retro-Roman setting. 

With a signature design featuring spatialist accents, arabesque marble, and numerous classical antiquity elements, all contributing to the alluring Modern Italian aesthetics. Marcella’s Italian culture still shows through the velvet draped arches; caressed with modern light fixtures; mixed with traditional Coastal Italian and Mediterranean styles. Characterized by simple yet seductive Italian renaissance culture, a neutral color scheme with touches of blue accents, as well as the use of marble, tile insets, and wood.

Marcella West Hollywood


Sebastian Daley, Better known as JCAP$ET is an on the rise recording artist from Bronx, New York. JCAP$ET has been intrigued with music since a very young age. His father introduced him to the industry at the age of 14. His father was a professional when it came to Film and Music Production. He has been able to work with some of the game’s most reputable figures such as LL Cool J, Teyana Taylor, Sebastian Mikael, Murray Mook, Mavodo, Ice-T, Fredro Starr, Jermel Howard and more. Working with his father has helped shape him into the amazing artist and business savvy man he is today. It was ultimately his mother, Jennifer who pushed him to do music. She used to be a singer herself. JCAP$ET was surrounded by the industry and went all in on his career. JCAP$ET’s very first video on YouTube was a recording made by his sister A’aleeyah of him singing “Should’ve Kissed You” by Chris Brown in 2016.

Since then he has uploaded many other projects .He has also begun to implement social media into his marketing, utilizing platforms such as Triller and Instagram to promote. His goal is to establish generational wealth, stay true to himself and remain an entrepreneur. Being his own boss is important to him and he thinks others should tap into becoming their own bosses as well. He states “You just gotta step into it, get out the box and put your mind into it if you really want it”.It was April 30th of 2022 that he released his first ever EP titled “Takeover”. Which is now on all platforms. His music is infectious. Each day he conquers set goals and seeks to develop constantly while inspiring his audience. Make sure you check out his catalog.

DaKidRiz Is Destined To Be A Star And Will Be Signing A Major Deal Very Soon

Born in 1994, DaKidRiz first appeared on the rap scene in 2014 when he published his first song on SoundCloud titled “Ohio.” The Canton native then released his first official single titled “I Ain’t Got No Choice” in 2015 as he continued to hone his skills as a hip-hop artist. His brand continues to expand networking with some of the highest figures within the industry DaKidRiz is definitely doing more than “Alright”. He has also linked with many reputable producers such as NK Tamillionaire Doe Skool, TayGlobal, MoneyMadex3 & McKean.

More recently he has been consistently keeping his fans pleased. He has been dropping hit after hit. His latest release being “Alright” is currently trending all over. This track is catchy and melodic. It draws anyone in who hears it. Once again DaKidRiz continues to deliver. It is currently being spun in clubs from Virginia Beach to Phoenix. This song will be everywhere before you know it so do yourself a favor and download it now. He is managed by CrazyYogi and Jabo if you ever are looking to book DaKidRiz !

Draco Andretti: Ready To Break Out As The Industries Next Best Thing

Draco Andretti  is a self made on the rise musician from California, but now resides in Las Vegas, Nevada. While in high school he grew an interest in the music industry. He was actually close friends with well known artist Dizzy Wright who helped fuel his passion. Draco Andretti first started creating by mixing tracks as a DJ/Producer and eventually ended up falling victim to the streets after having his child.

It wasn’t long before he had to do other street activities to put food on the table, which lead to doing time eventually. When he was released he went to the art institute for media arts music production and video production. Since attending this school it taught him to cut out the middle man and create all on his own. He embodied becoming a one man band. This year is about rebranding himself and making a presence for himself. This year he will release a new album titled “Sin City Hot Boy”, but for now he is focused on releasing consistent singles. Make sure you check out his work. You will not be disappointed.


SICK_MF_JAY is an on the rise recording artist who comes from the Hopi Tribe of Northeast Arizona. Music is something that is close to the heart. Where his passion comes from. Being where he is from it takes real effort just to perform considering his location from the town is quite far, but it is worth living out his dream. SICK_MF_JAY has always been fond of Metal and Rock music. Living in such a secluded area made it hard to find band mates, but made it easier to write.

KISS has always been an inspiration. It was the first band he laid eyes on. Since then and experiencing his uncles passion for rock it fueled his inspiration to become a rocker himself. Since pursuing his passion he has performed for many venues including Established Mutilated Music, The Told You So Tour (West Coast) with The Underground Collective,  The Speak No Evil Tour (West Coast) with The Underground Collective, as well as his first ever live even located at Joe’s Grotto in Phoenix.

One more tour is in the works which will be disclosed at a later date. SICK_MF_JAY is working on staying consistent and just developing himself as a top tier artist. His goals are big, but certainly obtainable. Make sure you check out his current catalog and stay up tp date on his content.