In a recent interview, up-and-coming artist Ayres shared some insight about their current projects and aspirations. Currently working on his project titled “WAKE UP!”, the artist revealed that it will consist of 11 to potentially 13 tracks. When asked about the inspiration behind this record, the artist admitted that it may sound cliché, but it is their own experiences and emotions that drive their music.

Looking ahead, their goal for this year is simple – to finish the project and release it in 2023. With regards to performances, they sadly confirmed that they do not have any lined up, but expressed their eagerness to perform anywhere that would have them.

When questioned about what sets them apart from other artists, he humbly responded, “You tell me. I’m just being myself.” They believe that their authenticity is what makes them stand out and resonate with audiences.

As for his sound and style, Aryes shared an eclectic mix of influences. Growing up, their musical taste was shaped by their father’s love for 80s synth pop and rock, as well as their mother’s affinity for soft pop and piano ballads. In their teenage years, they found a passion for EDM and hip-hop. This diverse range of genres and sounds is what they bring together in their own music – a fusion of whatever they are currently enjoying and feeling.

When asked why an audience might relate to their music, Aryes highlighted the universal struggle of navigating life. “We all out here, on this earth just trying to figure shit out,” they said. “It’s complicated sometimes, it’s real overwhelming sometimes. But we all out here just doing what we love, trying to, anyway. At the end of the day, that’s all that matters.” With their relatable message and diverse sound, it is clear that this artist has the potential to connect with a wide audience.

In conclusion, this interview provided a glimpse into an artist’s upcoming project, their aspirations, and what makes them unique. With their fusion of genres and relatable message, it will be interesting to see how their music resonates with listeners when their project is released in 2023.

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