Detroit artists Valid and Stretch Money have been on quite a streak lately, and their latest “Commentate” proves to be continuing it aptly. With powerful boom-bap sonics that tie in classic and modern Detroit sounds, as well as poignant, focused flows from the two Motor City heavyweights, “Commentate” is a strong new cut that adds fuel to the anticipation of their upcoming album Bill & Isiah. It follows up their previous offering “Sentimental” with a release that could truly be described as scorching, as the two rap veterans trade powerful verses that captivate with their electrifying rhyme patterns and potent lyrics.

Atop colourful synths, bouncy percussion, and rich bass from producers Slot-A and DJ Head, the duo lay down slick flows that complement each other and demonstrate a natural chemistry. Packed with memorable punchlines and clever quips, their verses retain much replay value, and give the song added character. A melding of sharply-crafted production and captivating bars, “Commentate” adds to the hype around Bill & Isiah and finds the two rappers in strong form.

Give “Commentate” a listen below and connect with Valid and Stretch Money to watch for updates ahead of their joint collaborative project that is forthcoming, titled Bill & Isiah.

Valid and Stretch Money have also shared a new visualizer for the song that includes engaging retro elements and enhances its basketball themes. It engages the viewer throughout while providing a cohesive accompaniment to the track. Check out the visualizer for “Commentate” here.

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