356 Is A Versatile group of 3 from Detroit, Mi. Who shared stages/rooms with multiple artists in the rap industry,such as Babyface Ray ,Baby Money,Samuel Shabazz,Icewear Vezzo,DaBaby, polo G and lots of other artists.

The group dropped a Ep back in March of 2022 called β€œFan Love” with a total of 4 songs and the names were Fan love,Top Down,IDK, and Out with Top down as the most played song off the project. That Ep was really just dedicated for all of their real lovers, supporters, and fans, with a message in each song to ask fans to work with them.

Then months later the group decided to deluxe the Ep, which seem to be a little strange to some supporters because normally artists deluxe Albums and not Ep’s, and things like that is what makes 356 different. The deluxe also had a totally of 4 more songs and the names were Who Say, W.H.Y. , Put That Shit On, and Lose Control (Released September 29,2022). The guys are working on getting there music to there fans when they want it but they are just trying to make sure that they market and drop everything the right way.

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