With music, you get to experience the power of emotion. There’s no one who understands that better than hitmaker Wyclef Samuel Maunge, also known as his stage name Wyclef. He is a music artist straight from Perth, Western Australia.

His imprint on the industry can be seen through the hugely positive response of his latest project ‘too much soy sauce’ has enjoyed ever since the soundtrack was released. The mixtape is very deep and talks about things like suicide, mental illness, drug abuse etc, and this was deliberate.

Wyclef notes that music carries emotions that we all have buried deep in our hearts but are afraid to show. Through music, our raw emotions come to the surface, helping us communicate more effectively. The times might have changed mixes to playlists, but the response to music remains the same as it was back then – it was and still is a tool of expression.

His first project was called ‘summer rainfall‘. He made the project while going through a breakup, a very confusing time in his life. He was lost, alone with no friends or family, he basically had nothing, it was a process rekindling relationships with family and friends. The lead single of the project was “summer rainfall (thank you grace)” and to this day he thinks it’s one of the most beautiful songs he has ever released. The song was basically a final goodbye to his favorite ex and writing that song felt like lifting a weight from his heart. However, he had to take it down from streaming platforms due to poor quality, but he plan on re-releasing that song very soon because it deserves to be out there.

Wyclef’s first song he ever made was called ‘Js depression’. He discovered the producing software Audacity and from there he was just experimenting & growing up. He made it in his kitchen and featured his little sister on it. He has been making music now for 4 years. 4 years on and off. Only during his healing phases he write a bit and work on music.

Wyclef is currently working on his ‘Disguise’ EP. This is the turning point in his music career and he knows it. Make sure to listen to his music and stay tuned for his new EP in August 2022.