Nate Pisani grew up in Wooster Ohio, was born into a good secured family household with amazing parents who supported my Every life decision. He wouldn’t be in the position without my father John Pisani. He battled bad anxiety and depression throughout high school and began lifting and put on a solid 50 lbs of hard work and dedication. He simply threw himself into his fathers company and has done very well and we have expanded into 7 Napa auto parts stores in northeast Ohio. Nate always sold shoes/street wear on the side to make money, that’s what started the grind, after that he began managing artists and grew his Instagram.

He attended Wooster high school and always wanted more with his life. He hustled by selling streetwear and began working at my fathers company at 15. The business eventually grew to 7 locations in Akron, Louisville, Creston, North Canton, Tallmadge , East Canton and Cuyahoga falls. Shortly after Nate invested $100k into my family’s other business north canton metal recycling. Also owning JAIN properties LLC, Nate’s net worth has accumulated over $900k. His grind is not over. He seeks to enhance his brand even more. 

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