Who is M2Thak? If you are not familiar with this name and how he has impacted the industry, here is your chance to get familiar with a person who is considered a goat. M2Thak is a celebrity rapper, YouTube Star, social media influencer and entertainment mogul currently based out of Las Vegas, Nevada. His popularity came from his original pranks and authority patrol series which made him a pioneer of YouTube at a time YouTube wasn’t as popular as it is today.

In today’s entertainment world you must have your hands in everything to stay ahead of the competition and the people who do not like seeing someone becoming successful. Social media is a fast-growing industry alone and M2Thak has mastered the art of content creation. This alone led him to becoming director of brand partnerships and influencer operations for Monster Inc. 

Extending his talents as an artist, M2Thak is also signed to SODMG Records and a confidant/business partner to Soulja Boy since 2008. Recently he released a new album called “Cash’ which is available on all digital platforms. With music being a big part of his life, it was only right he takes it from the board room to the studio booth. 

In business everyone knows that it is important to have multiple forms of income, that way of thinking led M2Thak to launching his own NFT company called “Ready Playa One” which is set to revolutionize the industry. Being a goat is no longer about being great in one talent, it is now being great in multiple talents and learning how to evolve with the times. 

Trillest Entertainment made sure to get the exclusive with M2Thak and you now can view the interview yourself.

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